I used this Phoenix pest control company to get rid of bedbugs

About half a year ago, I noticed that there were definite signs of bedbugs around my apartment. I found there were small signs of their leavings in the corners of my furniture, and on closer inspection I found the actual bugs. I knew that I was going to have to do something about it. I looked into ways to get rid of the bedbugs myself, but quickly found that was simply not an option.dbug5

I decided to call this Phoenix pest control company. I talked them over the phone about my bedbug problem. They then told me about the different kinds of treatment options, and the process of getting rid of my bed bugs.

I was able to use the information I learned from this company to make arrangements for getting rid of my bedbugs. This included have a representative come over to my house in order to determine how big of a job it would be. This allowed me to me to make arrangements to stay with my brother while they were working on my home, and it also allowed me to know how much it would cost. I was able to take the work bill over to my insurance agency, and they pre-approved the work so it would definitely be covered by my insurance.

I found that this  pest control Phoenix company did a great job getting rid of the bedbugs. I asked them to use their green cleaning methods on my apartment. This meant that they used a kind of pesticide that was able to kill the bedbugs without their being risks of harmful reside, and the chemicals also meant that there was far less of a risk of me having an allergic reaction.

They were also able to use to specialized vacuums to clean out my entire apartment. These vacuums were able to remove the bedbugs, their leavings, any dead bedbugs, and their tiny eggs. The vacuums were exceptionally effective, and it greatly reduced the risk of the bedbugs coming back.

This company was able to treat my apartment over the course a couple of days. When I moved back in I found that it was exceptionally clean. I have kept an eye on the state of my carpets and furniture, and there have been absolutely no sign of bedbugs. I also really liked that by hiring this company I was able to avoid wasting time and money on treatments that were not going to work, and that I meant that I did not have to throw out my furniture or move to a new apartment.