What to Know Before you Buy an Air Purifier

Things to consider before buying an air purifier

You need to determine what size of area or room you are wanting to use the air purifier in. Things to consider are the size of the room or area. This is very important and will make your purchase a much better one when you get the proper size for your needs. Ask yourself if you are needing to clean the area just around a person, such as by a smoking chair, or the pet’s favorite sleeping spot. Do you need to clean the air of the baby’s nursery or a child’s bedroom? Does someone you know have pollen allergies, for example, and you need to clean the entire apartment or house. If you are cleaning a garage suffering from mold and mildew, you will need a larger air purifier or with a filter especially for that situation.

When determining the type of air purifier or the best portable AC unit you need, size of area is important but so is the type of filter. Without a proper filter, you may not get the expected results. Next you need to think about the filter(s) you need. When determining your needs, take into consideration what may be needed to be removed from the air for optimal health. This can be as small as foot odor in the shoe area, to pollens or mold. Smoke and pollen are considered among the most difficult to remove from the air, but there are plenty of filters on the market to help with that.


What you need to remove from the air can make a difference in what type of air purifier and filter you need. If you have small odors and a little dust, you can use a foam or lightweight type filter. Oftentimes, these foam filters are hand washable, so will last a long time. For pollen, dander and smoke, using a HEPA filter is very good. The HEPA filter and smoke reducing filters are generally not washable and will need to be replaced, usually every three months or so, depending on your air. If odor is the only problem, carbon based filters a good choice.

Each type of filter will cost different and each air purifier will have its own size of filter. Be sure and get extra filters when you purchase your air purifier so that you will have them when you need to change.

Health Benefits
Using an air purifier can clean and remove unwanted pollutants from the air, allowing not only humans, but animals, to breathe easier. Air purifiers can aid in lessened asthma attacks, lessen itchy skin reactions and overall, help one to feel better. If you need to remove smoke from the air, using the right filter can not only help you breath more comfortably, but also help keep your area cleaner, by removing the smoke and associated tar from the air, depending on the type of smoke.

If you use a dehumidifier with your air purifier then you are also removing excess water from the air which can lower mold and mildew in the air making it easier to breath and feel comfortable.