For tourists and visitors to the Central Florida area, a must see is taking a visit to the exciting Kennedy Space Center. Here you can learn about everything to do with America’s mission to explore space from the early days up through the Shuttle Missions.

Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center can see the usual IMAX space movies and exhibits but also the one place in the world where these exhibits were part of the day-to-day life at Cape Canaveral and later the Kennedy Space Center. While this is a tour of an important part of our space program, it must be reminded that this is still a working space portal. That means much of the facility is off limits. Visitors can only go where visitors are supposed to go. You can’t just wander off and do your own thing outside of the Visitor Complex.

Touring the Kennedy Space Center Complex

Visitors tours begin at the admission gates designed to simulate space modules. Here you must decide on the plan for the day: go with the General Admission plan, add special tours, and have lunch with an astronaut? Space is limited in everything except the General Admission. It may be better to make reservations in advance.

At the heart of the Kennedy Space Center which has hosted millions of guests from around the world for more than 30 years, is the Information Center. Once you purchase your ticket you’ll go through this building that includes a security scan. This is also where you can get important information about what to do next.

On the other side is a large court yard from where you can head for your tour bus, find souvenirs, food options, the Shuttle Experience, the Rocket Garden, the Astronaut Memorial. When you’re ready to leave for the day, this is also where you’ll exit either to your parked auto or back to your tour bus. Don’t forget to take in the Astronaut’s Hall of Fame building just down from the complex.

All admission and tour tickets also include a tour of the Astronaut Hall of Fame which is located elsewhere and you must drive there unless you are part of an outside tour package that is providing transportation to and from the complex.

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