Guided Tours

Your basic admission ticket will get you on a transport bus to the main areas along with a little commentary by the driver. They however, are primarily there to get you from one location to another. There are folks at each location that can answer questions. For those folks looking for a more in-depth bus tour might want to consider upgrading to one or both of the special guided tours.

See Historic Cape Canaveral

Long before the Shuttle Mission, even before the Apollo Missions, Cape Canaveral was the site where America learned to play with rockets. During the early days before NASA, there were plenty of fireworks and missile launches from the cape. Many ending in utter failure. However, from these ashes we gained the knowledge and experience to put men on the moon.

The Cape Canaveral: Then and Now tour gives you an expert-guided historical tour of these early launch sites. From these launch pads lifted off the Mercury and Gemini programs responsible for putting American’s first men in space. When John F. Kennedy issued his famous challenge to “go to the moon” the Apollo Mission

The “Cape Canaveral: Then and Now” tour takes visitors back to what is left of the original Cape Canaveral launch sites, best known for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. You’ll also visit the Air Force Space and Missile Museum

Journey back in time to the original NASA Cape Canaveral launch sites of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Paving the way for today’s space exploration, these programs spawned a number of exciting “firsts” and discoveries. You’ll relive the launch of America’s first satellite at the Air Force Space & Missile Museum. Other highlights of this exciting Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral tour include the launch complex where Alan Shepard lifted off on America’s first human spaceflight, as well as Apollo Launch Pad 34, the site of the tragic Apollo 1 fire. The NASA Cape Canaveral: Then & Now guided tour concludes at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Step back in time to witness the space race

Each guided Discover Kennedy Space Center: Today & Tomorrow tour is narrated by a space program expert, who shares in-depth and often little-known space facts during the 90-minute “mission” past the following areas: Space Shuttle Launch Pads A and B, The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), Shuttle Landing Facility, Crawler Transporter and Crawlerway.

Visit the exciting Kennedy Space Center and learn everything about our travels in space. Tour Kennedy Space Center, see IMAX space movies, and view all of the exhibits and shows KSC has to offer. This tour also includes the Astronaut Hall of Fame and interactive space-flight simulators.

Touring the Center

Orlando vacations aren’t complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Just east of the most popular Orlando attractions and theme parks, NASA’s launch headquarters is the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet a veteran astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch.

Step into the center of space travel and become part of the future of exciting possibilities at Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted. Visitors will be immersed into an environment of discovery and exploration beyond our home planet. Live theater, interactive experiences and large scale multimedia presentations display what the future of space travel may look like, emphasizing that space exploration is not just about the hardware, but about the people behind the technology that make it all possible.

Visitors can expect to spend anywhere from 2 hours or easily make an day of the visit.

Audio Guide Available

You might want to take advantage of the audio guide available for rent. These pre-recorded hand-held battery-operated cellphone-sized device are available to rent at the Information Central facility. They are available in English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Portugues, Espanol, and Japanese.

Apollo / Saturn V Center

On a clear Wednesday morning, several hundred thousand people that had come from around the world to the Kennedy Space Center held their collective breath as they watched the large countdown clock tick off the seconds. They, along with millions more who were transfixed to their television sets, waited for the launch of the Saturn V rocket that would propel Apollo 11 to the Moon.

On that July 16th morning, 3 men sat strapped into their seats atop the largest rocket ever made. At just after 9:30 in the morning, when the massive rockets came to life, they began their journey from Launch Pad 39A on a trip that would take them to the moon’s surface and back home safely to Earth.

See the largest rocket ever made

For those who remember that day, the event remains in their minds just as those footprints remain in the lunar soil. Today, the spirit of that mission and those that follow can be remember in vivid detail. Visitors to the center can see the actual room and consoles that monitored the most minute details. Relive the count down sequence as it was delivered inside mission control.

After the presentation ends, visitors exit the room and into a cavernous facility that houses an actual Saturn V rocket

The Apollo/Saturn V Center is a tribute to the Apollo astronauts and the machines that got them there – and brought them home safely.

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