Lunch with an Astronaut

Lunch with an astronaut is an add-on feature to any of the tour packages or general admission price.

Space is limited, so it is suggested that tickets be reserved in advance, especially if you’re putting the “Lunch” near the top of your must do list for your visit to the Kennedy Space Center. The Lunch is often booked in advance by large tourist groups arriving by bus, and there is seating for around 70.

You never know which astronaut is going to show up for the luncheon. Seating for lunch begins at 12:15 p.m. with lunch being served at 12:30 p.m. The luncheon lasts about 1 hour and there are no refunds.

Having the opportunity to hear first hand accounts of space travel is really fascinating, and a one time experience that will probably be remembered for years. If you or a loved-one enjoys all things space, taking part in this optional feature may well be worth the extra cost.

You never know which astronaut will show for the day’s daily luncheon briefing, but all those that do arrive are well versed in space travel, living in space and the space program. Although the shuttle mission is winding down, the space station will continue being a main focus of our space mission for a number of years to come. The astronauts will give guests an interesting glimpse of what space travel was like and what it may look like in the years ahead.

Having participated in the Lunch with an Astronaut, you’ll never look at another space launch in the same way.

Before you leave you’ll have an opportunity to have your photo taken with your day’s astronaut, plus the a staff member will also take one with your camera.

The “Lunch with an Astronaut” Meal

As you go through the seating process and the buffet line, there are several video displays that prime the pump so to speak, by answering common questions, that encourage guests to think past those obvious questions of what is life like on the space station.

Although the meal is really secondary to the social interaction, there is a meal served. The buffet menu does vary, but it usually includes a salad, main course, vegetables, bread, dessert, and drinks. Guests then sit at round tables while that day’s astronaut gives his or her presentation. Remember: this is billed as Lunch with an Astronaut, not an afternoon at a fine restaurant.

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