Apollo Control Room

The tour begins in the Apollo Control Room which oversaw the mission and liftoff of the massive Saturn V rocket. Relive the actual recorded conversations that took place in this historical room as each control panel is lit up when the occupant of that panel spoke. This is truly an inspirational experience for anyone who remembers that special day or has heard or seen video recordings of the liftoff.

The Apollo Treasures Gallery

This new addition to the Apollo / Saturn V Center has numerous items from the Apollo moon missions including Alan Shepard’s spacesuit together with other gear used by moon walkers during their visit to the lunar surface.

Buzz Aldrin Saluting Flag on Lunar Surface

The above photograph was taken by Neil Armstrong of Buzz Aldrin saluting the flag, July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong was using a specially modified Hasselblad EL 2-1/4″ camera with a 80mm lens.

Apollo Command Room

The video below shows both Neil and Buzz first setting up the flag and then Armstrong taking the above photograph (shown at left). In the video, play close attention to the movement of the flag. Some people who believe the moon trip was faked, cite this film as evidence because the flag was “waving” in a place without atmosphere. If they watch the entire film, it is quite clear that the only time the flag is moving is when one of the two astronauts are handling the support or mast. As soon as they are no longer touching these items, the flag no longer moves.

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