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The Kennedy Space Center has several Admission Costs with each level giving you different areas of access.

The Basic Admission includes a brief Bus Tours to the Apollo / Saturn V Centeras well as a trip out to where you can see from an elevated tower Launch Complex 39. Your bus driver will give you some details about locations the bus passes on route to the next stop. After spending time at the Apollo / Saturn V Center, you can re-board another bus to take you back to the main visitor complex. This ticket will gain you entrance to all of the shows, exhibits and IMAX movies as well as the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame building located elsewhere on the grounds.

The Kennedy Space Center complex has gone to great lengths to make this a tourist destination for all ages, whether they know anything about our space program or not. Even those that have grown up with YouTube and the marvels of today’s media, will find the space center to be an amazing place with plenty of thrills.

The Kennedy Space Center has done a remarkable job of providing educational opportunities to learn without being taught. Seeing first-hand gives visitors an in-depth grasp of what was involved conquering the challenges of space flight whether orbiting the Earth or visiting distant bodies from the moon and beyond.

The General Admission ticket will get you into all of the exhibits including the Apollo Launch Simulator and the dramatic Apollo / Saturn Center. You can further refine your tour by adding on to the General Admission, by including 1 of 2 tours and having Lunch with an Astronaut. The tours will get you closer to many of the launch complexes and buildings. The lunch will give you the opportunity of having a personal interaction with someone who has actually been in space.

Touring the Center

Orlando vacations aren’t complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. To take full advantage of all the sights at the center, plan on arriving early and spending most of the day. You might be tempted after gaining admission to start looking at the exhibits, but you might want to consider boarding one of the shuttle buses that transports visitors out to a special 4-story viewing tower for Launch Complex 39A where all of the shuttle missions lift off. Once you’ve viewed the displays and the massive rocket engine at the center of the tower, you’ll board another shuttle bus that will take you to the Apollo / Saturn V complex for a truly outstanding experience. From here you can re-board another shuttle bus that will take you back to the main visitors center, the rocket garden, and IMAX theater. Food options are available at both the Visitors Center and the Apollo / Saturn V complex.

Visitors taking one of the special guided tours or lunch with an astronaut should follow the instructions given at the ticket gate.

Traveling on one of the shuttle buses will give visitors a bit of an idea on the massive scale of the Kennedy Space Center. Keep your eyes open as you’ll never know what or who might be around the corner. Shuttle drivers will be sure to point out major points of interest as well as give you a chance to see some of the wildlife that inhabits the acres of natural habitat surround the buildings.

Each shuttle bus is equipped with monitors that give pre-recorded pieces that help explain more about the Kennedy Space Center.


Enjoy a group sit-down meal with a presentation and the opportunity of conversing with one of the many astronauts that have been in space. You’ll have an opportunity of having your photograph made and collect an autograph.

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