Types of Air Purifiers

There are many types of air purifiers for any need you may have. The different filters will remove different sizes of particulates, so be sure and read the information with your particular air purifier to get the right size of filter you choose.

Small air purifiers are good for personal spaces such as a desk, by chairs in the living room or on the dining table, for example.

To clean the air in a larger room, such as the living room or large bedroom, it helps to know the measurements of the room. A larger room may need one or two air purifiers. The room size should be indicated on the packaging so you can read that before purchasing. A dehumidifier can work with your air purifier anywhere you see mold or feel dampness, such as a bathroom or garage office. Larger areas will need one or more large air purifiers. An industrial strength one will help keep your largest, smelliest areas fresher and healthier to be in.

Things to consider before buying an air purifier

You need to determine what size of area or room you are wanting to use the air purifier in. Things to consider are the size of the room or area. This is very important and will make your purchase a much better one when you get the proper size for your needs. Ask yourself if you are needing to clean the area just around a person, such as by a smoking chair, or the pet’s favorite sleeping spot. Do you need to clean the air of the baby’s nursery or a child’s bedroom? Does someone you know have pollen allergies, for example, and you need to clean the entire apartment or house. If you are cleaning a garage suffering from mold and mildew, you will need a larger air purifier or with a filter especially for that situation.


What you need to remove from the air can make a difference in what type of air purifier and filter you need. If you have small odors and a little dust, you can use a foam or lightweight type filter. Oftentimes, these foam filters are hand washable, so will last a long time. For pollen, dander and smoke, using a HEPA filter is very good. The HEPA filter and smoke reducing filters are generally not washable and will need to be replaced, usually every three months or so, depending on your air. If odor is the only problem, carbon based filters a good choice.

Each type of filter will cost different and each air purifier will have its own size of filter. Be sure and get extra filters when you purchase your air purifier so that you will have them when you need to change.

Health Benefits
Using an air purifier can clean and remove unwanted pollutants from the air, allowing not only humans, but animals, to breathe easier. Air purifiers can aid in lessened asthma attacks, lessen itchy skin reactions and overall, help one to feel better. If you need to remove smoke from the air, using the right filter can not only help you breath more comfortably, but also help keep your area cleaner, by removing the smoke and associated tar from the air, depending on the type of smoke.

If you use a dehumidifier with your air purifier then you are also removing excess water from the air which can lower mold and mildew in the air making it easier to breath and feel comfortable.

For a smaller space, you may want to consider the Holmes Personal Space Air Purifier found at Walmart. Or the Holmes HEPA-Type Desktop Air Purifier found at Amazon online. Although these are the same brand, the filter that comes with each is different. The HEPA-Type Desktop Air Purifier is going to remove pollens and smoke from the area where the standard air purifier with the foam filter will only remove dust and other larger particulates. Look for words such as “General Type Filter” or “General Use”. This will let you know that it is the lower end quality of filter, but fine if you don’t have a lot you want to remove.

For a small to mid-size room, such as a small bedroom, the Honeywell HEPA Clean, compact air purifier is a good, economical choice. This brand is popular and can be found a number of places, making it a good choice.

Another air purifier for small to mid-size rooms is the AeroMax 90 Allergy Air Purifier with True HEPA filter and odor reduction. This air purifier works well in all situations except dehumidifying. You can change the filter to a lower need filter if you desire.

Holmes, AeroMax and Honeywell have air purifiers for all room sizes and take most types of filters. All three air purifiers for large rooms got equal reviews at 4 ½ stars at Amazon and Walmart, plus hardware stores.

filter, you can use the portable air conditioner along with your air purifier. The Haier Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best portable air conditioner on the market and receives a solid five star rating at most review sites.

You can use a stand-alone dehumidifier such as the Pure Enrichment dehumidifier. Don’t let the small size of this dehumidifier fool you, this is a strong unit that will remove moisture from a standard size living room with being small enough to sit on a desk. By reducing the moisture in the air, your air purifier and portable air conditioner, if you have one, can work more efficiently.

Amazon is always a good place to start for reading reviews and get comparisons as well as Walmart online, even if you do not purchase from there. Company sites are also an area you can find reviews, as are home improvement sites and asking on social media. You can compare air purifiers, dehumidifiers and look for the best portable air conditioner for your use. It helps to do some research before purchasing so that you will be pleased for a long time to come.